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my artist file

Artist's Biography

Buck was raised on the old McCain Ranch that sprawled across nearly 40,000 acres from the oaks and springs and meadows of the mountains on the California side of the Mexican border, through the valleys and foothills, to the open desert below. It was a typical western ranch dating back to the days of buggies and mule-drawn wagons and Buck and his two sisters were the fifth and final generation to grow up there in the tradition of the old west.

Buck's first introduction to formal art classes came when he entered a junior college in the Imperial Valley. He had an immediate love affair with the smell of paint and the feel of clay in his hands. Though he was enrolled in a pre-med program, he spent all his free time exploring possibilities in the art studio. He later attended the University of San Diego and studied at La Universidad de Guadalajara, continuing toward his goal of medicine and philosophy. However, in his studies there was something missing now.

He'd been painting for a few years, more as a hobby than anything else, when he secured a contract to produce small original oil paintings for hotel rooms in southern California and Nevada. The pay was minimal, but he was happy and though he didn't realize it at the time, his career had made a humble beginning. He soon graduated to a contract for Aaron Brothers Gallery in Los Angeles where he was paid $15 to $20 for each painting.

In 1969, Grace Edwards invited Buck to hang some of his paintings in a show she was holding for Ted DeGrazia at the Spanish Plaza Art Gallery in Old Town San Diego. It was Buck's first opportunity to display paintings of the things he loved - the land and people he knew, the West, cowboys and Indians, horses and cattle. The show was a success for both Buck and Grace Edwards. He continued to paint for her gallery for that year and thefollowing year while he was studying in Europe.

By the early seventies, Buck's paintings were being sold in the Peterson Galleries in Los Angeles, the Knox Campbell Gallery in Tucson and Joe Wade Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe. It was at this time that he was a Gold Medal winner from The Franklin Mint. This association with The Franklin Mint has continued through the years.

Buck currently lives in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson where he continues to paint and sculpt in the custom-built studio on his property.